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Turnitin Support Center Transition FAQs

On July 23, 2024, we’re changing the platform that we use to handle support tickets for our integrity products (Turnitin Feedback Studio, Similarity, Originality, SimCheck, and iThenticate). As part of this change, we’re introducing a new ticketing system, which will be used in all support interactions between Turnitin, you and your users. We are also rolling out a brand new Help Center (available from July 23), which allows us to bring you up-to-date guidance on common queries and issues, as well as offering a platform for you to search for product specific guidance. This work is focused on making your experience of working with Turnitin Support even better, whether working with us directly or indirectly. We’ve produced the below FAQ’s to answer questions you may have, as well as sharing with your user base.

What you need to know as an Integrity Customer: 

  • Can you tell me what’s changing and why?
    • Turnitin is modernizing how customers seek support for our integrity products (Turnitin Feedback Studio, Similarity, Originality, SimCheck, and iThenticate). This includes a new Service Management System and a new Help Center site. 
  • When is this happening?
    • The launch of our new ticketing system and Help Center is taking place on July 23, 2024. We will run both the existing Support Center and the new Help Center in parallel to ease the transition for users who currently link to our content.
      • The Help Center will be your main resource for self-service and for contacting our Technical Support team for you and your users.  
      • From the Help Center, you can submit new tickets and search knowledge articles.
      • We ask that you update your websites which have links to the old Support Center and articles with the new links to the main Help Center and corresponding articles

        Please note that the existing Support Center will be taken offline on September 20, 2024.

  • Will I have to contact Technical Support in a different way?
    • No - Contacting us via email will remain the same, to ensure continuity to the service that you’re used to. As part of this work, we are launching a new Help Center as a replacement for our existing Support Center, so there will be a new website for you to reference and use. The URL of the new Help Center will be, and it will be active from July 23.
  • What if I have an active ticket when you transition to the new system?
    • On July 23, we will move all active tickets into our new ticketing system, and we will continue to work on them from there. We will ensure that all tickets continue through their lifecycle.
  • What if I have a query about a closed ticket?
    • In the event that you reply to a ticket that has already been closed, details will automatically flow into the new system, and a member of our team will still have the ability to review historical ticket data.
  • Will your support emails look the same once you change systems?
    • Emails will maintain a similar appearance, with minor aesthetic changes. You may also notice that case references will be termed as ticket numbers from July 23. Emails from support will continue to come from the same email address, so there’s no need for you to make any changes.

What you need to know as a Support Center User: 

  • I link to articles on your current Support Center. What will happen to them?
    • All knowledge articles are being migrated to a new Help Center, with the current Support Center remaining accessible until September 20, 2024. If you currently link to specific articles, you will need to update the links to the corresponding article in the new Help Center, launching on July 23.

      Please note that we will not be updating or amending existing Support Center content, from July 23.

  • Will the URL of the new Help Center be different from the current Support Center?
    • Yes, the new Help Center URL will be and will be available from July 23. We will run both of the sites in parallel for a period of time to ease the transition. We will add links to the new Help Center from the date of transition to all Support emails and the main page of the current Support Center.

What you need to know as an Authenticated Support Center User (Administrator): 

  • I have a login for the existing Support Center. Will this work on the new Help Center?
    • Existing logins will not work in the new system, but we will set up and send out logins for new accounts upon the launch of the new Help Center. The current Support Center login will remain active until September 20, 2024, to allow you to access historical data.
  • Will I still be able to create a support ticket when I’m logged into the current Support Center?
    • Until the launch of the new Help Center on July 23, you will be able to continue to create support tickets in the existing Support Center. From July 23, this functionality will be removed, and you should start to log tickets via the new Help Center. While the historical email address used to contact us will remain unchanged, we strongly encourage you and your users to raise tickets via the new Help Center. 

We’re constantly improving our support content, to help you get up and running again as quickly as possible. In the event that you can’t find a solution on the new Help Center, the information that you provide us through the ticket form will assist us in routing your ticket more efficiently, therefore getting your issue to the right person first time.

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