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Important dates to note

If you would like to renew your Ouriginal license, you may do so until June 30, 2025. This would allow your institution access to Ouriginal’s product through June 30, 2026. Please also note that we will not be renewing Ouriginal licenses after June 30, 2025.


Watch the webinar for answers to common migration questions

Watch the webinar for answers to common migration questions

If you missed it, please watch the recording of a special webinar event we held for Ouriginal customers.

This webinar includes:

  • An Introduction to Turnitin Similarity
  • A preview of the migration process
  • Next steps your institution can take


To watch the webinar in English, select this link.

To watch the webinar in Swedish, select this link.


How is the migration process set up?

The migration will happen in three stages: pre-migration, migration, and post-migration.
TII_GL_PlagScan-Migration-Journey (1).png


During the pre-migration phase, our primary goal is to seamlessly integrate your institution’s needs into our migration process. To facilitate this, you will consider a list of questions from Turnitin covering aspects such as your integration needs, data privacy requirements, preferred migration timeframe and a new Turnitin product license.

To streamline the scheduling process, you will receive an email with a web form, allowing you to select a specific migration window that best aligns with your operational calendar. Each migration window will last for approximately four weeks, during which time you will have access to both your Ouriginal account and your new Turnitin account.


Once we enter the migration phase, you will gain access to your new Turnitin solution. Within the migration window, you will set up a Turnitin account, test its functionality, and complete your transition from Ouriginal. To support you throughout the migration, we will offer onboarding and training resources.


In the post-migration phase, you will begin using a new Turnitin solution, and we will be here to address any follow-up needs you may have. We will also encourage you to evaluate your migration to a new Turnitin solution.

For more information on the migration process, please watch this video.

For more details, please refer to these customer guides and FAQs:

Resources in English:

Resources in Swedish:

What Turnitin product can we migrate to?

Your destination product will be Turnitin Similarity. It’s compatible with all major LMSs and closely mirrors your current user experience with Ouriginal. The comprehensive and easy-to-read Similarity Reports will offer valuable insights into students’ learning progress. For a more in-depth understanding of this product, watch this video:

How can we benefit from Turnitin Similarity?

Turnitin Similarity offers:

  • Higher similarity search accuracy. Submissions are compared to an expansive collection of internet pages, 20 years of student submissions globally, and millions of publications from the world’s premier publishers.

  • Content database filters for similarity search. Educators can exclude individual content sources and entire content databases from search results.

  • Ongoing functionality improvements. With Turnitin, your institution has access to all the recent innovations and improvements to better track instances of potential plagiarism such as AI writing.

If you’d like to learn more about advanced features available in other Turnitin solutions, like AI Writing Detection or feedback and grading tools, please communicate your interest in the migration form included in the email you received with this hub's link.

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