Submitting to a Feedback Studio assignment in Moodle Direct V2

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Submitting to an assignment

The following information will help you submit your paper to Turnitin through your learning management system. Before you proceed, we advise checking that the file you'd like to submit will be accepted. View our article on accepted file types and sizes before you begin.

  1. From the Assignment Dashboard, select Submit Paper to make a submission to the assignment.

If the Upload Submission button is unavailable, you may be attempting to submit before the start date or after the due date. Check your assignment's key dates and any additional settings that may be affecting your submission.

  1. There are two ways to submit a file, as outlined below.

File upload allows you to upload an allowed file type directly to Turnitin.

Only a single file may be submitted to a Turnitin assignment. Any second or subsequent submission will overwrite the original submission in this assignment. Contact your instructor if there is more than one file that must be submitted to complete the directions given by your instructor; additional assignments may be created or you may need to combine multiple documents into a single file of an acceptable file type to be uploaded into Turnitin.

  • Enter or paste your submission title into the Submission Title field.
  • Select the file icon Moodle_V2_PaperIcon.png or drag your file directly onto the modal.
  • Proceed to step 3 below.

Text submission allows you to submit just the text of your assignment directly to Turnitin.

  • Beside the Submission Type field, select Text Submission from the dropdown.
  • Enter or paste your submission title into the Submission Title field.
  • Enter or paste your submission text into the Text to Submit field.
  • Proceed to step 3 below.

  • Moodle_V2_SubmitPaper2.png
  1. Select Add Submission to submit to the assignment.
  2. You will see a receipt notice if your submission was successful.

For more information, see our Similarity Report guidance.

If resubmissions are allowed for the assignment and you need to resubmit your assignment, you can select the Submit Paper icon. If you resubmit an edited paper, it will not match against the first submission you made.


Some assignments may allow the ability to overwrite your previous submission until an assignment's due date. This option is activated by an instructor on an assignment-by-assignment basis. If resubmissions are not enabled, your instructor must manually delete your previous submission to allow you to submit a second time.

After resubmitting to an assignment, a warning message will appear. This message serves to notify you that, if resubmissions are enabled and the reports are set to generate immediately, the first three resubmissions made will generate a report immediately but on the fourth resubmission, there is a 24-hour processing period for similarity report generation. Reports cannot be forced by your instructor or Turnitin staff. Please wait for this 24-hour period to elapse before making an inquiry.

Digital receipts in Moodle messages

Upon submission of a paper, you may receive a digital receipt to your Moodle message inbox and to your email inbox. However, please note that this is an optional setting activated by your administrator. If you do not receive an email after submission, it is likely that your administrator has deactivated this setting.
If your administrator has activated pop-up notifications, you can access your Moodle messages from the top right corner of the screen by selecting the bell icon.


Through the bell icon menu, you can select the View full notification beside the alert to view the full message.




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