Viewing your Similarity Report in Moodle Plagiarism/Integrity Plugin

  1. From within Moodle, navigate to the course you submitted to and select the assignment or activity name.
    • For Moodle assignments:
      • Under the Submission status heading, look for the File submissions row and select the Similarity Score indicator Moodle_PP_SimilarityScoreIndicator.png to open the report in Turnitin Feedback Studio.
    • For other Moodle activities:
      • Beneath your submission, whether you are posting to a Moodle forum, quiz or workshop, the Similarity Score indicator Moodle_PP_SimilarityScoreIndicator2.pngwill appear below your submission beside a Turnitin logo. Select the indicator to open the full report.

For more information, view our Similarity Report guidance.

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