Troubleshooting Roster Sync

Connecting to Turnitin

You create a connection to Turnitin during the initial set-up of roster sync. This connection is one way from your student information system to Turnitin. Turnitin does not send any data back to the student information system, such as grades. The connection uses Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to send a roster file (.csv) to Turnitin.

What data is sent to Turnitin?

When using roster sync, you can create classes, create users, and manage enrollments. The data you send to Turnitin is reflective of your student information system and the OneRoster standard. No data is sent from Turnitin to the student information system, including grades.

  • Classes include a Class ID, start date, end date, and class title.
  • Users include a User ID, first name, last name, account role, and email address (optional).
  • Enrollments include the User and a Class ID.

For more information, check out the OneRoster 1.1 standard.

When viewing event logs, there will likely be more enrollments counted than you have users. This is because a user can belong to more than one class.

Update frequency

You choose an update frequency when you first configure your student information system to talk to Turnitin. Turnitin will update the rostered information we have whenever we receive a new roster file. We'd recommend sending a new file every 24 hours, at a minimum, to ensure users are kept up to date in both systems.

If you have added a new roster organization since the last time you sent us an update, you can link the new organization without having to go through the whole set-up process again by reviewing your account links.


Can I roster multiple instructors to the same class?

Yes! Much like our integrations users can, multiple instructors can be rostered to a single class to take advantage of our Multiple Markers functionality.

As an admin, you'll first have to enable Multiple Markers for your account before it will show for instructors.

As an instructor, you'll find other instructor's feedback as another layer within Turnitin Feedback Studio once they've left their first comment.

Users of and can only use this feature in conjunction with a class created using roster sync. It is currently not possible to use multiple markers using the normal class creation process.

When should I start using roster sync?

You can start to use roster sync at anytime. However, pre-existing classes can't be connected to your student information system.

We'd recommend starting to use roster sync exclusively at the start of your academic year. You can also use this as an opportunity to teach your instructors about the new restrictions and possibilities that it offers, such as using Multiple Markers.

I can't find the roster sync tab. Do I need to do something before I can use it?

During the initial roll-out of roster sync, you'll first have to contact your Turnitin account manager so we can enable the functionality for you and answer any questions you may have.

The most common reason for not being able to proceed is that the scheduled update frequency you set within your student information system has not passed. Either return to the page after this time has passed, or try to 'force' sending the file to us.

Not every student information system allows you to force send a file, but you could try changing the scheduled update time to one closer. Don't forget to change it back once the sync has been successful.

If the time has passed but you still can't proceed, double check the configuration details you added to your student information are correct. You can use the Copy button next to each field to make sure no typos occur.

Make sure the file you are sending to Turnitin is formatted using the OneRoster standard. Turnitin is unable process any file provided in another format.

As we are connecting to something external to Turnitin (your student information system) there are potentially a few things that rarely might get in the way of a successful connection. Get in touch with our support team if you are still having problems.

My student information system does not support OneRoster. Can I still use roster sync?

No. Currently, only the OneRoster 1.1 format is accepted.

How long are event logs stored for?

We only store event logs for 10 days before deleting them. This helps you enforce any data privacy policy your institution requires. The data there is only ever used to help support you when configuring roster sync.

Do I have to provide an email address for my users?

You can optionally choose to create users without an email address. When no email address is supplied, the configuration setting you picked during the initial set-up comes into play.

If you've chosen to accept users without an email address, Turnitin will generate pseudo-email address for the purposes of generating that user. The user will be unable to log-in to Turnitin or receive system emails.

We are currently unable to add or update email addresses after the user has been rostered.

If you have chosen to not accept users without an email address, Turnitin will simply ignore these users and will not roster them.

Why can't any of my users edit their details?

Your student information system is now the sole method of editing any of the information you have rostered with Turnitin. We lock these settings to ensure that data does not become out of sync and possibly overwritten.

If a user needs to use their Turnitin account with an institution that isn't rostered with roster sync, they'll have to work with you to make any changes to their details. Once they are dropped from your roster, they will regain the ability to edit their details.

Can I still make a non-rostered class?

Yes. Instructors can still create classes in the same way they always have. Rostered students can be added to these classes. However, no data is sent back to the student information system. The class will not appear in your SIS and the student won't be shown as being enrolled on it.

Why can't I...?

Several features are limited or disabled when your institution uses roster sync.

The following restricted features are now controlled by your SIS:

  • Classes can no longer be deleted within Turnitin
  • Users can no longer edit their personal data
  • Our support team is unable to edit any personal information of a user
  • No enrollment keys are supplied to allow students to self-join

The following features are completely disabled when using roster sync

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