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Setting up SSO for Turnitin Feedback Studio and Originality Check

Single Sign-On (or SSO) is a method of logging into an application using credentials from another platform. All of these SSO methods require a member of your institution to contact Turnitin to request SSO configuration.

Google Clever MPASS ClassLink SAML Shibboleth

Enabling Google SSO for Turnitin

Google single sign-on (SSO) allows users within your institution to log in to Turnitin with a single click. To enable Google SSO for your institution, we first need a little extra information from you to activate this log in method. We ask for this information to help protect the security and data privacy of your institution.

  1. Navigate to the account settings page for your institution.


  2. Find the Register for Google SSO heading and follow the link to the sign-up form.
  3. Complete the form and send it to Turnitin.
  4. We'll be in touch when Google SSO has been enabled for your institution.
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