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Roster sync must first be enabled for your institution by your Turnitin account manager.

Roster sync allows you to securely connect your student information system with Turnitin to provision multiple classes, users, and enrollments at once.

To successfully configure roster sync, there are several steps, both within Turnitin and the student information system (SIS) that your institution uses, that must be completed in order. Once linked, classes, users and enrollments will be managed from within your SIS. Editing this information within Turnitin will be disabled.

Your student information system decides how often information in Turnitin is updated. It acts as a one-way bridge between your institution and Turnitin. Roster sync allows you to take ownership of the users who are added to your account and have much more granular organization with each school year.

Step 1 - Getting started

Getting started with roster sync is a simple process but it does require you to follow a series of steps to make sure everything is done in the right order. To get started, you'll first have to find the Roster tab found in your account info page. Already found it? Skip ahead to step 2 where you'll configure your SFTP to talk to Turnitin.

  1. As the top-level administrator for an account, navigate to the account info page for the top-level Turnitin account for your institution.

    It's possible to roster for a single sub-account, but you'll have to configure the roster in the top-level account.

  2. Look for the Roster tab at the top of the page. Select this tab to start the set-up process.

  3. You'll be taken to the roster sync set-up page. The first page you'll see is a quick overview of the process. Once you are ready to proceed, use the Next button.

Step 2 - Configuring SFTP

Configuring your SFTP service happens outside of Turnitin, using the information displayed within the roster sync set-up.

Once you've navigated to the roster sync set-up, you'll be shown the configuration details that will allow you to connect your student information system to Turnitin via SFTP. The process of where you'll add the configuration details may vary depending on your student information system (SIS). We'd recommend having the admin responsible for managing your SIS to complete this step.

The configuration details on this page are read-only, but you can use the Copy buttons to transfer the information to your SIS. To configure your SFTP connection, you'll have to add the following information to your SIS.

The data you will have to transfer to your student information system are:

  • SFTP Host
  • SFTP Path
  • SFTP Username
  • SFTP Password

The SFTP Username and SFTP Password are different to your Turnitin log-in details. The SFTP username and password are only used to authenticate your connection with Turnitin. A secure 16 character password will be generated for you.

Email addresses

The final setting, 'Email addresses used in the roster are required', will restrict the number of users created during the roster sync process.

When enabled, accounts will only be created for those in the roster who have an email address associated with them. As a default, this setting is set to require email addresses.

Users without email addresses will be assigned a 'pseudo' email address for the purposes of account creation. They will be unable to log in or receive other Turnitin emails using this address.

Scheduled updates

How often you update Turnitin with roster files is also set within your SIS during configuration. We'd recommend setting regular updates, once every twenty-four hours as a minimum, to ensure that your user's details are kept up to date.

Next step

Once you're confident that the connection has been established, use the Next button to move to the next step. Don't worry if you're not sure! In the next step, we'll be processing the roster file we've just received from you and any potential issues with the connection should become clear.

Step 3 - Linking roster files

In the previous step, you created a connection between Turnitin and your student information system using SFTP. Now, we'll use that connection to receive your roster file. Once we've received your roster file, we will start to link them to a Turnitin account.

When first accessing this page, you may see a troubleshooting message. This message appears if we have not yet received a roster file from you. The most common cause of this message showing is that the schedule you created for syncing with Turnitin has not yet passed. If your student information system allows you to 'force' the file, this will immediately allow you to continue. Otherwise, you can return to this page once the scheduled time has passed to proceed.

Check out our full troubleshooting guide if the scheduled time has passed and you still see this message.

      1. Navigate to the roster tab.
      2. Use the Next button to move to the Link Roster Organizations step. If you've successfully made a connection between your student information system and Turnitin, a list of roster organizations we received from your roster file will appear here.
      3. For each roster organization you have sent, you can link to a different Turnitin account. You can create new sub-accounts for each organization to better reflect your roster. Multiple roster organizations can be assigned to a single Turnitin account.

        The information in the Roster Organizations column is set within your student information system. This could be as wide as splitting up entire schools or as focused as separating different departments within a single institution.

      4. Use the drop-down list to select the Turnitin account you'd like to link with the roster organization. Continue until you have linked all roster organizations that have a Turnitin license.

        Not all roster organizations supplied in your roster file have to be linked.

        Once linked, any classes, users, or enrollments created via roster sync will be unable to be edited in Turnitin. All changes must be made within your student information system to help prevent the data becoming de-synced.

      5. Use the Next button to continue. You'll review your choices in the next step.

Step 4 - Confirmation

In this final step, you'll review your picks and make the final confirmation that you'd like to create these links.

      1. After you've linked your roster organizations to Turnitin accounts, you'll be shown a summary of the links you've assigned. Take a few minutes to review your choices.

        Once you complete this step, you will be unable to remove the link between the Turnitin account and your roster organization. Ensure that everything is correct before you proceed.

      2. After review, use the Confirm Links button to permanently link your roster files.
      3. You can review the links you've maderead and download event logs of any changes in the roster, and review the SFTP configuration details you used in step 2.

We will now start to roster your new classes, users, and enrollments. How long this process takes to complete can vary depending on the size of the roster organization you are linking. You can check the event logs to understand the current progress. Future updates should be almost instantaneous.



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