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Reviewing account links

Reviewing account links will allow you to check which roster organizations are assigned to which Turnitin account and assign any new ones that have been created since your initial roster sync set-up. You can access it from the Roster tab in your top-level Turnitin account.

  1. Navigate to the top-level Turnitin account, and select the Roster tab.
  2. Your currently linked roster organizations will be shown here. If you've already established all of your links, the information here will be read-only.
  3. If you have added a new roster organization since your initial set-up, you can use the drop-down list to link it to a Turnitin account.

    If you have created a new roster organization but it hasn't appeared on this page yet, try using the refresh button to check for changes.

  4. Once you've made your selections, use the Save Changes button to confirm your links. As always, take time to review your choices as, once linked, you will be unable to reverse the changes.

Viewing event logs

Once you've completed the setup process, we will start to generate event logs. An event log is created whenever we receive a roster file from you.

Event logs are only kept for 10 days before they are deleted.

In each event log there will be three entries per account that your have linked to a roster organization. Each entry will list the number of items created, updated, deleted, or failed during processing.

TfsClass - changes made to any rostered classes.

TfsUser - changes to any users on the account, including their initial account creation.

TfsMembership - changes made to the enrollment status of a user.

For example- Class A may have been created and class B modified. This will show as 'Account [000000] [TfsClass] results - Created [1], Updated [1], Deleted [0], Failed [0]'. Student A is created and they will count as one item in the TfsUser entry. However, Student A is added to ten classes to roster them for the entire academic year. Student A will count in the TfsMembership entry ten times.

Changes to your roster

Your student information system will periodically send changes to Turnitin on the schedule you picked when configuring your SFTP connection. If the scheduled time has passed and you haven't seen a change reflected in the event log, try using the Re-sync Current Roster button and we'll check to see if there has been any updates. If you still don't see any changes, check out our troubleshooting guide.

Downloading the event log

Use the Download Event Log button, to download a .csv file containing all entries found within your Event Logs. This file can grow quite large, so please be patient when downloading while we compiled the download file.

Changing your SFTP password and reviewing configuration details

A secure 16 character password is generated for the configuration of the SFTP connection between your student information system and Turnitin. However, to ensure that you can maintain the high levels of information security policies that your institution may employ, you can regenerate this password at any time from the Roster tab.

  1. From the top-level account that you have already rostered, navigate to the Roster tab.
  2. From the Roster tab, select the Roster Settings section.
  3. Use the Regenerate Password button to create a new secure password.

    Once you use the Regenerate Password button, your connection with Turnitin will no longer work, as we will be unable to authenticate you. To ensure continued service, add this information to your student information system as soon as possible.

  4. Use the Copy button to copy this new password. You'll be able to then change the details you have configured within your student information system to recreate your connection with Turnitin.
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