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User roles

User management settings will only affect users within your web-based Turnitin instance. The settings on this page will have no affect on users in your LMS.

When adding a new user to an account, there are a few roles to choose from which dictates the level of access they have on the account. 

  • Account admin
  • Product admin 
  • Instructor 
  • Investigator (Authorship users only) 
  • User
  • No access

Account admin

Enabling a user as an account admin will provide access to:

  • account-wide product settings 
  • user management - adding and removing users
  • integration and SSO configuration 
  • the paper lookup tool 
  • license information

This role will have access to all user details, as well as the ability to view all submissions made to the institution. 

Product roles

Product Admin - users will have access to product settings within the specified product. Admins will also have access to all the functionality that the Investigator, Instructor, and User roles has. 

Instructor - users will be able to manage folders, upload files for similarity checking, and view Similarity Reports.

Investigator (Turnitin Originality only)- is a role for the Authorship feature and grants access to the My Reports area where users can create and view Authorship Reports.

User - grants access to the My Files area where they can create and view Similarity Reports. If selected for Authorship (Turnitin Originality only) they will have access to My Reports where users can create and view Authorship Reports.

No access - restricts all access and visibility to the product. 

Adding users individually

To add a user:

  1. Select Users from the sidebar and then select the Add Users button.
  2. Enter the user's basic information
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address
  3. Select whether the user will have account admin rights.
  4. Select the product role for the user. If you have a Turnitin Originality account you will also have to select the product role for Authenticate. 
  5. Now you can either select to continue adding another user, or select Invite when you are finished. 

You cannot add more than 10 users at once. To upload up to 1000 users at the same time, try adding a list of users

Adding a list of users

To add a list of users:

  1. Select Users from the sidebar and then select the Bulk Upload button.
  2. Have your user list .CSV file ready or download a template to create your list.
  3. Upload the .csv file by dragging the file onto the upload area or use the Select File button to locate the list on your device.
  4. Select Email Invitations

Creating a .CSV user list

If you are:

  • using a downloaded template - do not remove the headers in line 1.
  • creating a .CSV file yourself - use the table below to help construct the header row of your file.

The order of these headers is important. They must be in the correct order or the upload will not be successful. The first four columns will always be the same but your license type will dictate the rest. 


Column Turnitin Originality Turnitin Similarity SimCheck
A Last name Last name Last name
B First Name First Name First Name
C Email Email Email

Account Administration Role

  • Yes
  • No

Account Administration Role

  • Yes
  • No

Account Administration Role

  • Yes
  • No

Authorship Role

  • admin
  • investigator
  • user
  • no access

Turnitin Similarity Role

  • admin
  • instructor
  • user
  • no access

SimCheck Role

  • admin
  • instructor
  • user
  • no access

Turnitin Originality Role

  • admin
  • instructor
  • user
  • no access



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