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Managing user access to the new, enhanced Similarity Report

A new Similarity Report view is available, and institutions can begin the transition to the enhanced report experience. Administrators can currently choose between three options: 

  • Make the new, enhanced Similarity Report experience the only version of the report viewer instructors and students can use.
  • Enable the new Similarity Report experience as optional for instructors. This will allow instructors to switch between classic and new report views. Students will still only use the classic report view.
  • Opt out of the new Similarity Report experience. This will disable the new report completely for all users.

On August 8th, the enhanced Similarity Report experience will become the default report view for all customers without a Turnitin Feedback Studio license. If you’re not ready to transition, you can opt out at any time in your admin account settings.

Originality Check Similarity/Simcheck
Follow these steps to change the new Similarity Report view settings:
  1. Log in to your Turnitin account as an administrator.
  2. Choose the Edit icon alongside the account you wish to opt in or out of the new Similarity Report experience.
  3. Select Edit account settings.
  4. Find the New Similarity Report view section located at the bottom of the account settings and select the preferred option.
    New Sim Report view admin settings OC.png
  5. Select the Submit button to apply this setting.
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