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Integrations release notes

On this page, review any information related to our most-recent releases for Turnitin integrations including Blackboard, Moodle, LTI 1.3, Canvas, Schoology, D2L (Brightspace), Microsoft Teams, and more.


July 2024

2024 July 17

Paper to Digital: Users can now download grading results to a CSV file

LMS: LTI 1.3

Within the grading workflow of handwritten assignments, we’ve added the ability to download assignment data to a CSV file. This allows instructors to view and manipulate assignment data within a spreadsheet.


2024 July 16

Turnitin is excited to release new updates to our AI writing report, including a new visual design, detection categories with AI paraphrasing detection, and an increase to our maximum word count detection.

The AI writing report updates will apply to newly submitted files. To access the latest AI writing report on existing submissions, please resubmit the file to generate the updated report.

In this release, you’ll find the following updates: 

Improved report experience
The previous AI writing report score reflected the amount of likely AI generated text detected, even if it was likely modified by an AI paraphrasing tool or word spinner. In the updated report, the AI writing score is divided into two detection categories with submission highlights enabling a more granular review of AI tools used in the submission. The new submission breakdown bar provides a visual overview of the AI detection instances throughout the submission. 



Interactive detection categories
In the updated report, the AI writing score is divided into two detection categories, AI-generated only and AI-generated text that was AI-paraphrased. These categories provide more granularity into what AI capabilities were likely used and where, as well as their frequency within the submission. Selecting a category will bring the first highlight detected in the submission into focus.

AI-generated only
This category detects qualifying text that was likely generated from a Large Language Model (LLM). Text of this category is highlighted in a cyan color in the submission breakdown bar and in the submission highlights.  

AI-generated text that was AI-paraphrased
This category detects qualifying text that was likely AI-generated and then likely modified by an AI-paraphrasing tool or AI word spinner, such as Quillbot. Text of this category is highlighted in a purple color in the submission breakdown bar and in the submission highlights.

Interactive submission breakdown bar
Use the new submission breakdown bar for a visual overview of where an AI Large Language Model and AI-paraphrasing tools have been detected within the individual pages of a submission. The interactive bar allows you to select each highlight color to bring the corresponding text and page of the submission into focus. 

Increased maximum word count for detection
The AI writing report now supports submissions with up to 30,000 words of qualifying text.

Scores below 20% are no longer surfaced
False positives (incorrectly flagging human-written text as AI-generated) are a possibility in AI models. To avoid potential incidence of false positives, no score or highlights are attributed for AI detection scores in the 1% to 19% range. When AI is detected below the 20% threshold in the report, it is now indicated with an asterisk (*%) and no percentage is attributed. This change is reflected in new submissions only and will not retroactively apply to existing submissions. 

For more information and comprehensive guidance for these updates, check out our AI writing Report guidance, AI Detection FAQ, and our Academic resources for AI generated text.

Turnitin’s AI writing assessment is designed to help educators identify text that might be prepared by a generative AI tool. Our AI writing assessment may not always be accurate (it may misidentify writing that is likely AI generated as AI generated and AI paraphrased or likely AI generated and AI paraphrased writing as only AI generated) so it should not be used as the sole basis for adverse actions against a student. It takes further scrutiny and human judgment in conjunction with an organization's application of its specific academic policies to determine whether any academic misconduct has occurred.

June 2024

2024 June 13th

Paper to Digital

LMS: LTI 1.3

Turnitin is excited to release Paper to Digital, a new add-on for our Turnitin Feedback Studio product. 

This add-on is currently available for customers using Turnitin Feedback Studio with an LMS LTI 1.3 integration.

Paper to Digital is an application designed for educators that use paper-based assessments in their classrooms. After purchase, when the add-on is enabled by administrators, instructors will have access to a new assignment type, Handwritten Assignments. Selecting this assignment type will launch the Paper to Digital application where instructors will be able to scan and upload paper-based assessments with short-answer work. This assignment type is best used with the following question types: multiple choice, fill in the blank (with text and/or of math notation), and questions that contain open responses, diagrams, chemical equations and structures, or maps.

Once the instructor has uploaded the assignments, they will also complete their grading and feedback work from within the application. The application contains the record of student grades for the assignment and is also where students view their graded submissions. 

When grading a Handwritten Assignment, instructors can utilize the following features for an improved and faster grading experience:

  • Automatic roster-matching - Once student work has been uploaded, Paper to Digital will detect students’ handwriting and automatically assign submissions to the correct student on the course roster.  
  • AI-assisted answer grouping - For certain question types, Paper to Digital will find and cluster together all similar answers into Answer Groups for instructors to review and grade for each question. With Answer Groups, instructors grade them once and the grade will automatically apply to all students’ answers in the group. 
  • Dynamic scoring and feedback - Instructors can create, edit, and grade with flexible scoring criteria (similar to rubrics) and feedback as they grade submissions. This allows for consistent and efficient grading. 

Handwritten Assignments are available for the following languages: English, Turkish, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and French.

May 2024

2024 May 29th

The Blackboard Learn Ultra Assignment workflow has been released

LMS: Blackboard Learn Ultra Assignment

Turnitin and Anthology are excited to announce the general availability release of the new Turnitin integration with the Blackboard Learn Ultra Assignment workflow. This integration is available as an additional workflow option to the existing LTI 1.3 external tool integration, and enables Ultra Assignments to be checked for similarity with Turnitin.

The integration is currently only available to institutions licensed with Turnitin Feedback Studio.

April 2024

2024 April 10th

Blackboard 'Paper Lookup Tool' is now available

LMS: Blackboard LTI 1.3

Turnitin is pleased to announce the release of our new Blackboard paper lookup tool.

This tool will allow instructors to:

  • retrieve submissions from past assignments, including Basic and Direct Building Block and LTI assignments,
  • retrieve reports generated for those submissions, including the Similarity Report, Grading Report, and a combination Similarity Report and Grading Report all within their Blackboard Learn environment, and
  • access past submissions and associated reports from students who may have dropped the course or are inactive.

Additionally, for institutions that allow access for Blackboard admins to use the “Login As” option, this can be leveraged for admins to access past student submissions and associated reports made to a specific instructor’s course.

March 2024

2024 March 29th

The 'Export', 'Refresh', 'Download', and 'Bulk Download' buttons are now functioning as expected

LMS: Moodle Direct V2

The export, individual submission refresh, download and bulk submission download buttons are now functioning as expected.

February 2024

2024 February 6th

Resolution of outstanding issues

LMS: Moodle Direct V2

The anonymous marking reveal field is now required

An issue has been resolved with anonymous marking. Previously, when an instructor made a request to reveal a student’s name prior to the feedback release date, the required reason field for the early reveal was not actually being enforced. Instructors will now be required to fill in this field when deciding to reveal a student name early.

Summary content no longer displayed in two locations

In versions 4.0+ of Moodle, the assignment summary content was being displayed twice in two separate locations. This update removes the display of the summary content from the Moodle Direct V2 inbox. It is now only displayed just above the inbox.

Resolved issue with deprecated SOAP warnings

We have resolved an issue with deprecated SOAP warnings displaying in PHP 8+.


2024 February 5th

Resolution of outstanding issues

LMS: Moodle Plagiarism Plugin

Resolved issue with broken modals for Rubrics, PeerMark and QuickMarks

In the previous plugin release we resolved an issue with the EULA modal not launching for students. It has since been discovered that all modals in the plugin were affected by the same issue. This update resolves the issues that users have found with launching the PeerMark, Rubric, and QuickMark managers.

December 2023

2023 December 19th

EULA, Plugin, and Grading issues resolved

LMS: Moodle Plagiarism Plugin

Issue with EULA in Moodle 4.3 fixed

Previously there was an issue with students accepting the EULA in Moodle 4.3. This has now been resolved and students presented with the EULA should be able to successfully accept it.

Plugin issue resolved

There was an issue with our plugin that was preventing users from upgrading to Moodle 4.3 if they intended to use our Plagiarism Plugin. The plugin is now compatible with 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and will no longer show the deprecated warnings.

Grades are now being correctly rounded when passed back to Moodle from Turnitin

Previously when multiple submissions were made to an assignment the final grade was averaged by rounding down rather than up. This release now fixes this issue and the grade average should now round up.

November 2023

2023 November 14th

Grade resync feature

LMS: LTI 1.3

We have added an option in the assignment inbox which allows users to Resync grade from the three-dots menu under Options. Users can select this option when a grade from the inbox does not appear in the LMS gradebook. Choosing this option will re-send the grade to the LMS gradebook.


2023 November 8th

Submission timestamps are no longer changed in Canvas when providing grades

LMS: Canvas LTI 1.3

In Canvas LTI 1.3, the "Submitted" date displayed within Canvas should reflect the date and time that students submit to their Turnitin assignment, however previously when instructors graded the assignment, this was being updated to reflect the date and time at which the instructor graded the assignment. This is now working as expected.


2023 November 7th

The order of submissions in the assignment inbox now matches the order in which they appear in the Similarity Report navigation

LMS: LTI 1.3

Previously when instructors reordered submissions within the assignment inbox, that order would not reflect within the Similarity Report navigation. This has now been synchronized, so the order of submissions will match between the assignment inbox and the Similarity Report navigation.

April 2023

2023 April 20th

Turnitin language settings are now syncing with Moodle environment

LMS: Moodle Integrity Plugin

This release addresses an issue where the report viewer and the EULA pages were defaulting to English-only for most languages, even when the Turnitin account was set to a different language. This has now been fixed and the correct language should be displayed to match what is set.

March 2023

2023 March 31st

EULA, Translated Matching, and Quiz issues resolved

LMS: Moodle Plagiarism Plugin

Students that have previously rejected the EULA can now resubmit

We have fixed an issue that was preventing students from being able to resubmit to Turnitin for an assignment where they had previously rejected the EULA. Now if a student accepts the EULA, they will be able to successfully resubmit to any assignments where they previously rejected the EULA.

Inbox now displays the highest score when Translated Matching is enabled

We have fixed an issue with the similarity score value in the Moodle Plagiarism Plugin inbox. Previously it wasn't updating with the highest score when Translated Matching was enabled, and instead the inbox continued to display the first score, even if it was the lower of the two.

Duplicate quiz responses are now handled separately

We have fixed an issue where if a student submitted the same response multiple times on a quiz, all duplicate responses would be linked to the same report, which would not allow them to be reviewed by an instructor as separate responses. Each response now generates a separate report.


2023 March 27th

Grade issues resolved

LMS: Moodle Direct V2

Percentage grades now display in the assignment inbox

We have fixed an issue for institutions using PHP 8+ which prevented the assignment inbox from loading when the assignment grade was set to display as a percentage.

Setting an assignment to grade type ‘none’ will no The PeerMark UI has been improved

We have fixed an issue with the PeerMark manager modal, which previously caused the '+' icon to appear cut off in the user interface.


Visit our release notes archive for release information from 2022-2021.

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